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Hormones, No You're Not Losing Your Mind

Ever notice how many people are talking about hormones lately?  It doesn’t seem that hormones are age discriminatory.  I hear young and old talking.  I also hear a lot of talk about skin issues, insomnia, losing hair, foggy brain and even muscle issues.  If you haven’t guessed, are all tied to hormones.

Hear me clearly, I’m a believer in modern medicine but I’m also a true believer in natural remedies.  I also believe in being proactive and eliminating things that are known to be hormonal disruptors.  Most hormone disruptors are found in everyday household and beauty products.  Things like BPA found in most plastics, Dioxin which is found in food, Phthalates which is found in pretty much everything from food, to makeup and it’s definitely found in the word “fragrance”.  The word fragrance is full of chemicals that companies do not have to disclose.  Companies declare that fragrance is proprietary and so they don’t have to release what they use.  Just stay away from ANYTHING with the word fragrance. 

There are so many more hormone disrupting chemicals.  More information at:

It Can Get Ugly

When your body’s hormones are out of balance strange things happen.  Even for men.  Skin issues as a teenager is thought of as being normal.  No one expects to have acne as an adult, yet it happens.  Insomnia is just accepted as you age, but it is far from normal and can definitely be helped.  Losing hair if you’re a man may be something to expect but what about women who have hair loss?  Never a good thing for a woman to have thinning hair.

I remember the first time I “didn’t remember”.  It was right after my son was born and I blamed it on new Mom brain and the shift in hormones.  But at age 63 it can still happen.  Ever get up to do something and can’t remember what that “something” was?  When I figured out my muscle fatigue was tied to hormones, I couldn’t believe it.  Hormones basically regulate every part of the body.


Natural Remedies You Can Do Today

  • Take a look at what you are currently using to freshen your home.  All those scented candles, air fresheners, plug-ins, etc., throw them away.  It’s better to simmer fresh clove, cinnamon, rosemary and orange peel in water on the stove top than use any of those. 

  • Better yet is to grab some essential oils and diffuse them.  Not just any oils will do, some actually contain synthetics or have not be distilled properly, so know your farmer.  I love the Seed to Seal promise by Young Living and it’s the only essential oils I use because I know the label on the bottle is truth.

Just a quick note, an essential oil manufacturer can label 100% therapeutic oil and is only required to have 5% of the actual oil in the bottle.  Again, know your farmer.  You don’t want to exchange bad for bad.

  • Start a regular exercise routine.  If all you have time for is walking to the mailbox, then start there.  The best exercise you can do is the one you will continue to do.  My favorite form of exercise is Yoga and Taekwondo.

  • Turn off the electronic stuff an hour before bedtime, that includes the TV.  This is an my biggest area of struggle.  I’m not perfect at it yet but I’m working at it.  If insomnia is one of your struggles, diffuse Lavender and put a drop of Frankincense on your lower back and enjoy the restful sleep.

  • Take time to really listen to your body and talk to your doctor if needed.  Remember you are the gate keeper to your home.  We all want to do better, we buy organic, grow our own veggies and yet we don’t think twice about bringing toxins into our home with everyday products. I’m asking you to think twice.

Know Better, Do Better

You now know better.  Is it time to do better?  I would be honored to help you learn more.

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