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Healthy Habits are Your Catalyst to Self-Care

Self-care can be defined as taking steps to protect your mental, emotional and spiritual health.   

Everyone is talking about self-care and how to lower stress levels, yet we still find ourselves talking about how we are so stressed out.  Life stressors seem to be increasing.

The truth about self-care is that it takes intentionality and consistency and that’s not easy.

My mind wanted a break but for some reason I felt if I wasn’t doing something I was actually being lazy.  Taking time for myself felt lazy or selfish. 

I was pretty good at eating heathy but between work, and home life, my daily routine left very little down time for myself.  I felt trapped; I needed a better plan. Does this sound familiar?

The Pursuit of Self-Care and a Healthy Lifestyle

That’s where being intentional in my pursuit of self-care started.  Setting aside the lie I was telling myself as being lazy or selfish and replacing it with truth.  Truth that we all need down time that relaxes and refreshes our mind, body and soul.

Intentionality can be defined as being deliberate, designing a process, preplanning.  If we can plan out our schedules we can plan out self-care too.

I began deliberately adding down time to my daily routine.  It wasn’t easy at first and I still have times when I miss the mark.  My mantra is “done is better than perfect” and I’ve applied that to my self-care planning too.

Be intentional in your thinking and then act on that intentionality.  Make space in your day for 10-15 minutes just for you and that time will grow.  Healthy habits are your catalyst to self-care.

4 Healthy Habits the Catalyst to Self-Care

I want to make this easy for you.  From my personal pursuit I developed steps that are necessary for beginning a regular habit of self-care.  So, here are four easy steps to taking care of yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  1. Rest and refresh every single day.  During the day take time to refresh for 10-15 minutes.  I like to diffuse essential oils, Lavender or Cedarwood, to set my time of rest.  I also diffuse at night while I sleep to help ensure a solid night of sleep.

  2. Exercise regularly.  It’s so important for all those positive endorphins to be released.  Endorphins are natural stress reducers.  Take a walk, go to the gym, do whatever movement you like just do it regularly.

  3. Meditate daily.  Even if it’s 5-10 minutes.  This is probably one of the most important things I do every morning.  It sets the stage for my day.  Diffusing Frankincense helps me to focus during meditation.

  4. Connect with friends.  Plan fun activities that include friends that lift you up.  This gets you up and engaged in activities.  Your friends can be a great self-care step that keeps you accountable to putting more time of fun and relaxing in your life.

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