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Are You Really Suffering?

I struggled for years with an autoimmune disease.  I just thought I was supposed to feel fatigued, stressed and on overload because I was a single mom.

I put on that happy face, smiling, laughing yet never feeling my best.  It became my normal.  I pushed through with whatever needed to be done. 

Autoimmune is an invisible illness.  I’m here to say my struggle and your struggle is real.

The Search for Wellness Balance

The list of invisible diseases could go on forever, lupus, RA, fibromyalgia, Graves, Celiac, IBS.  So many autoimmune diseases can be helped with small changes in our diet, exercise and how we take care of our body. 

I changed my diet, no gluten, dairy, soy, very little direct sun and very little alcohol.  None of those changes were easy.  Theses changes made a positive impact.  It was a start and it gave me hope.

I also needed to reset my sleep patterns and find something to reduce flare ups when they happened.  Enter essential oils.  Mother Nature’s provision for our bodies. 

My friend a cancer survivor used essential oils for wellness balance.  She encouraged me to start with the starter kit and nutmeg essential oil which is great of reducing inflammation.  I discovered that I had more energy and was sleeping so sound that I wasn’t even waking up in the middle of the night to pee. 

Every day is a choice to eat what is right to use products that increase my wellness rather than tear it down. My choice is to follow a simple plan and be consistent. 

Steps to better wellness

This is a journey for me and I’m not perfect at it.  I started with small steps. First my diet, then using essential oils, then kicking toxic chemicals and products from my home. Toxic chemicals will compromise your immune system.

Forget the scented candles and anything with the word fragrance.  Fragrance is a cover up for over 300 chemicals some of which cause cancer and include formaldehyde.  No wonder people say they don’t like “scents” or have allergies to certain “scents”, it’s the chemicals.

If you are ready to make some changes for your overall wellness here were the steps that I took and that helped me.

Switch to products actually that support your immune system.  Just because something says “organic” or “natural” doesn’t mean it’s pure.  I needed more which is why was so impactful for me.

  1. Take one area of your life or your home and make a change.  I took out all the scented candles.  I was done with the headaches and sinuses issues.  I tossed them out and started diffusing essential oils instead.

  2. Switched to real food.  Nothing with ingredients that you can’t pronounce.  That means reading labels.

  3. Exercise.  The best form of exercise is the one you will do consistently.  Moving your body also gives you hope and joy

  4. See your doctor.  Don’t stop following doctor orders.  I pray that you may hear your doctor will tell you one day you are in full remission. 

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