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Non-Toxic Bleach that Works

Traditional bleach ingredients are harmful you and your family.  Chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite that contains the compound anhydrous which is known to be unstable and explosive. 

Just that one ingredient should have you search for a better way.  We breath in the chemicals, causing respiratory issues.  You have to open a window when cleaning with bleach, that should be a pretty good indicator it’s not healthy to breath it in.

Using in our laundry, it stays on our clothing which ends up touching our skin, our children are exposed needlessly to chemicals. 

Simple DIY for Bleach

Here is a simple way to switch from the toxic bleach you are now using to a non-toxic bleach.  Better for your family because the residue from toxic bleaches left on your clothes won’t end up on their skin. 

Better for you because you won’t be breathing in all the fumes from traditional bleaches.  And it works! Check out the video!

Photo by from Pexels


I reuse the 25.35 ounce bottle of NingXia Red.  You can pick a bottle of your choice.

2 caps of Thieves Household Cleaner

12 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil

½ cup Peroxide

3 cups of water

Use in your washer’s bleach dispenser.

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