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Toxin Free Living Made Easy

The average person will come into contact with over 300 chemicals during the day.  Women will use 80 before breakfast.

Toxins that cause headaches, skin issues, respiratory issues, poor concentration, lethargy, fatigue, body aches, chronic inflammation, infertility, cancer and more.  We typically treat the symptom.  It’s time to treat the source.

You are the gate keeper to your home.  What you and your family physically or emotional experiencing may be the result of a scented candle or your laundry detergent. 

The sources of toxins in your home range from beauty products to household cleaners to room fresheners.  So where do you start?

Beginning a Toxin Free Lifestyle

My journey began with getting rid of any product with the word fragrance on it.  The word fragrance contains over 300 chemicals including formaldehyde.  Because of proprietary company formulas, the FDA ruled that the ingredients in the word fragrance do not have to be disclosed.

That means you have no idea what you are breathing in or exposing to your skin and your family.  Even the family pet is exposed to the chemicals.

Don’t be fooled by unscented products, they still contain chemicals that the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976 grandfathered in.  There are over 1,000 toxic chemicals known to cause problems that are included in that grandfathered clause.

The solution is simple, but it will take some diligence and work.

3 Steps to Toxin Free Living

Decide today to do better because you now know better.  Start with these 3 easy steps and begin to detox your home of the chemicals that are harming you and your family.  And easy place to start is with cleaning products. Take this chemical free challenge.

  1. Check your cabinets and read the labels on your cleaning products.  You can use the Think Dirty app to scan the bar codes for the products rating.  Another great resource is

  2. Be diligent and study the labels to make sure you remain the gate keeper to your home and only allowing pure plant-based products.

  3. Replace your cleaning products with plant-based Thieves products. Thieves Household Cleaner will replace every single cleaning product in your home.  It will clean glass, granite, wood, mirrors windows, tile, spot remover for your clothes and so much more.

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