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Hidden Toxins You Need to Know

What you don’t know can hurt you.  I used to buy name brand cleaning products because I thought they were disinfecting and keeping my family safe.  What I didn’t know was that was quite the opposite.

What I didn’t know was that there are literally thousands of toxic chemicals in everyday products. 

What happens when we come in contact with these toxic ingredients?  Things like weird body aches, acne, headaches, migraines, respiratory issues, skin issues, autoimmune problems, lethargy, insomnia, foggy brain, chronic fatigue, hormonal issues, infertility and more.  Think about what you and your family are currently experiencing and ask yourself if there is a better way.

What You Need to Know

A study by The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health discovered that out of 2,983 ingredients in our household products, 314 caused biological mutations, 218 caused reproductive problems, 778 were toxic to the human body and 146 are known to cause cancer.

These ingredients are banned in other countries, but we continue to allow them in the US.  Know that the ingredients are hidden in products that you believe are okay to use to clean your home. 

We breath them in, apply them to our skin, our children do the same.  Our pets are exposed.  A great article by Healthy Cell Magazine explains the dangers and why it’s time to make changes.

When I began to remove the products with these ingredients I immediately saw a difference.  My chronic headaches were gone, skin issues decreased, and the amount of sleepless nights stopped too.  My immune system began to rebuild without the toxic overload and my overall wellness was improved.

Toxin Free Lifestyle Easy Steps

Four years ago, I went through this process.

Check your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Use Think Dirty app to check those products.  You can start by replacing those items that score the worst.  Don’t forget to check any room sprays, plug-ins and scented candles too.

You can be ruthless and toss everything or you can start with small steps.  I made the choice to be ruthless, I began using a diffuser with essential oils to replace plug-ins and made my own DIY beauty products and I switched to a plant-based cleaner that replaced all the cleaners I was currently using.

You are the gatekeeper to your home.  Now that you know better you can do better for yourself and your family.  The big manufacturers aren’t going to do this for you, it’s you that will make a better choice for your family.

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