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Moving, Aging and Grabbing the Crazy Seasons of Life

July was crazy for me.  Seriously, the struggle to get all the things done and maintain balance is real.

When Moving Causes Stress

Moving is hard.  Even if you are excited about the move.  Leaving family, friends, community is not easy.  I used essential oils to get myself and my husband through all the feels and emotions.  When I’m feeling off center, maybe just tired or need to unwind I have my go to oils, Frankincense, Valor and Lavender.  All of those keep me well balanced.  Balance allows for a good night’s rest and is so important during stressful times.

How to Make Age an Optional Number

I’m one of those people who can’t remember my age.  Crazy, right?  I just do my life and every once in a while I’m reminded by AARP or some other over 55+ promotion that I’m in a season of life that most people dread.  Why is it that people make a big deal out of being over 60?  I have friends who are my age that act like it’s the end of their life.

If you are one of those people, here are 3 steps to focusing on your future.  No matter what age you are focusing on the future takes you out of a box called “age”.

  1. Never stop learning, take a class, read for personal development

  2. Meet new people

  3. Create a bucket list

What to Remember about the Struggle of Aging

Always remember that age is just a number.  Yes, our bodies might tell us something different, but our mindset is everything.  Mindset can make or break your day.  We tell ourselves things all the time through self-talk.  We are also our own worst enemy.  If you find yourself in that negative self-talk cycle, you can break it.

It’s important to ask yourself if what you are telling yourself is truth.  I would imagine that those negative thoughts are coming from your past.  Maybe a family member criticized you years ago and it stuck with you.  Surprise!  You don’t have to stay stuck in someone else’s opinion of you.

Putting this into Action

We all do this, we read something and then do nothing with what we just learned. Make a commitment to not do that. I’m right there with you, in the struggle with all the things. So today put this into action.

Create a list of words that will encourage you when you find yourself doing negative self-talk.

Find what will keep you emotionally balanced.  For me it’s essential oils.  I’ve been using them for 4 years and they changed my life.  They are a game changer for sure.

I would love to hear from you.  Contact me with your age and biggest challenge.  Let’s do this aging thing together and well. 


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