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Realizing the Impossible is Possible

Impossible is just an opinion - Unknown.

What are the things in your life where you tell yourself, that’s impossible?  I used to think retiring from my 9-5 was impossible until I was at least 70.  That I needed to wait for that age to get the maximum Social Security. That no way could I build my own unlimited income.  It was all impossible.  Until it wasn’t.

So, what changed?  Nothing really, except my mind-set.  Don’t get me wrong, I work hard at doing what I do and making things happen.  Mind-set seems to be a catch phrase lately.  But it’s a real thing.  Which means if we can tell ourselves it’s impossible we can also tell ourselves it is possible.

What are you thinking is impossible in your life?  Is it a relationship, a job, your business?  Do you feel like it’s just never going to happen?  Start by focusing on the possible.  Here are simple steps to move your mind-set.

Dreaming Yourself into a New Mind-Set

Some people call it manifesting, I like to call it dreaming.  We all have hopes and dreams.  It takes small steps to create the possible in your life.  Making a mind-set switch is all about dreaming up the best possible scenarios for your life.

  1. Take time to write down what you think is impossible for your life.  Don’t dismiss those big things you have in your mind.  Things like early retirement with plenty of finances or moving for a better lifestyle.  Don’t hold back.  Remember to follow your heart, it knows what you truly dream about.

  2. Start imagining the impossible happening.  If you have a hard time doing that, then play out a positive scenario in your head.  What would it be like to retire early with plenty of finances?  Where would you live?  What would you do for fun?  Maybe you want to own your own business.  That was one of mine.  What would type of business would it be?  Would you have employees, how many?  Write down the date you want your impossible to be possible.  Dream big!

  3. Now take one small step towards that dream, write it down along with the date you are going to start.  Find someone who is already living your impossible.  Watch them, ask questions.  People are always willing to talk about what they do and why they do it.

  4. What’s your start date for that first small step?  Maybe you have more than one first small step.  Whatever small steps you’ve set a date for, go for it.  Do one thing on that list of small steps.

  5. Now sit back and re-imagine your impossible again.  Realize that you are actually working on changing your mind-set by taking the small steps.  That can take time.  Don’t be so hard on yourself, but don’t give up either.  Before you know it your impossible will become the possible.

Always Believe that the Impossible is Possible

Believing that it will happen is half the battle.  Here’s the deal, you can dream about it or you can do it.  The difference between people who are living out their dream life and those that aren’t is that the first set of people actually believe it will happen.  They never have any doubt, no matter how long or how many setbacks happen.

Living my dream life is a work in progress.  I’m still dreaming of what the end results will be like.  I’m also taking small steps everyday towards my dreams and goals.  And what I used to think was impossible is now becoming possible.

That can be you too.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”  - Walt Disney


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