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How to Start Healthy Habits

We hear all the time about the benefits of drinking water, getting enough sleep, eating your fruits and veggies, limiting screen time.  We are bombarded with all the weight loss ways, keto, intermittent fasting, cleanses, detoxes, and all the latest trends to help you along.

All of that is good and even some of it is great.  I encourage you to do what works for you but before picking a new thing from the healthy bandwagon consider this.  The environment in your home may be your worst enemy.

Your Worst Enemy

The air in your home can be more toxic than the air outside.  What if you could improve things like your sleep, skin, breathing, think clearer, reduce headaches and migraines, lose the bloating, balance your hormones and have more energy?  What if removing toxins from your home helped?

Did you know that the chemicals you use to clean your home can be as damaging as smoking 20 cigarettes a day?  Making the switch to non-toxic products is what changed my life.  My head cleared up, my chronic headache went away, I started sleeping better and I could feel like my sinuses were finally clear.  I made an easy, simple change and it changed my life.

3 Things You Can Do To Create Healthy Habits

Ditch your household cleaners for a non-toxic, plant based cleaner.  I use Thieves Household Cleaner for everything.  It cleans my floor top to bottom, walls, appliances, windows, mirrors, countertops, bathrooms, wood floors, furniture.  I use it as a spot remover for my laundry and I clean my car with it too.

Ditch your laundry detergent.  I use Thieves Laundry Detergent and have a secret recipe I will send to you to double the loads of laundry you can do with a simple 14.4-ounce bottle.  No more chemicals out-gassing in your closet and drawers and onto your skin.

Ditch the air-fresheners and scented candles.  I diffuse pure essential oils.  I have recipes that can turn your home into a spa, make it smell like fresh baked cookies, a summer breeze, a cinnamon latte, and more.  Do you ever wonder why scents make your head hurt or why you are allergic to smells?  It’s because of the chemicals in the product.  Everything from formaldehyde and carcinogenic are in the air-fresheners and scented candles.

Check out the products you are currently using to see how they are rated.  Warning, this just may scare you.

Take a Healthy Habit Step

Habits start with change.  When I made the decision to ditch the chemicals from my home, it was a process.  I started with a simple beginner’s starter kit and added items every month as I gradually dumped the toxic chemical products from my home.

You can grab your starter kit today and I’ll send you all the resources to help you make the switch.  Join my email list (below) for all the fun recipes and videos that will help you learn how to continue to create the healthy habits that will change your life.

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