Bonnie Lee Taylor
Life inspired. Live connected.
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What are your speaker needs?

Bonnie is the founder of For Real Life and Discover Your Real Life training.  She is a Professional Encourager, Speaker, Life Guide, Minister, an “Accidental Entrepreneur”.  Living out her For Real Life in front of international and audiences in the U.S., she brings authenticity and transparency to life circumstances to all age groups.  Her professional background includes 25+ years in corporate America and 15 years of local church ministry.  Her educational background includes degrees in Organizational Leadership, Ministry Leadership and Professional Counseling.  Bonnie provides your organization with a fresh perspective, not just surviving life circumstances, but living a fruitful, passion filled life, out of those circumstances.  She lives in Orange County, California with her husband, and 2 very goofy Boston Terriers.  She is a mother of 5 (2 she birthed and 3 more she loves as if she birthed them), and a Nonna of two grand littles.


"Passion and heart"

"Bonnie brings meaning to your past life situations.  Spirit filled she speaks directly to your heart." - College Ministry

"Speaking Truth"

"Bonnie manages to cut through the clutter and get to the core of the topic.  Such valuable, life changing words." - Young Women's Conference, Morocco